Leaf Eaters: Cause damage by eating away at the leaves of plants


Appearance: Two pairs of wings – the front pair covers the rear pair as a protective sheath; most beetles hide underground during the day and feed at night

Remedy: Take a flashlight outside about an hour or so after dusk and catch the beetles by hand



Appearance: Larva form of a butterfly or moth with a wormlike body and numerous pairs of legs; maybe brightly coloured, hairy or spiny

Remedy: Control by handpickingcaterpillars


Appearance: Slender body with long hind legs

Remedy: Control by handpicking

Leaf Miners

Appearance: Small larvae that burrow their way under the surface of leaves, leaving whitish trails

Remedy: Pick off infested leavesleafminer

Sucking Pests:  Feed on plant sap, debilitating the plant and causing the leaves to yellow, wilt, deform and/or fall off


Appearance: Very small (about 5mm in size), slender black creature with wings fringed with hair; damage results in distorted or curled leaves with numerous scattered dead areas

Remedy: [???]thrips

Mealy Bugs

Appearance: Tiny (1-4 mm long) distinctive white or pinking crawling insects covered with a soft, white waxy substance

Remedy: Scrap off manually or sponge off with soapy watermealybugs

Scale Insects

Appearance: Tiny (1-5 mm across) with flat or convex bodies that are smooth and shiny, resembling fish scales; secrete a waxy covering and can vary in colour and shape

Remedy: Manually scrape off with a sharp tool; in the case of a severe infestation, sponge off with soapy water or cut off affected areascaleinsects


Appearance: Tiny (1-2 mm long) flying insects that resemble moths

Remedy: Prune off or wash affected area with soapy waterwhiteflies


Appearance: Soft-bodied and may be green or other colors. Can be sighted together with ants because aphids discharge a sugary substance.

Remedy:aphids Pick off infested leaves. Spray thoroughly with a strong water jet every few days.

Other Pests