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As food-lovers ourselves, we are always keen to partner with chefs to build productive and pretty food gardens. Ingredients can be harvested literally minutes before the dish is served! It might also make economic sense for pricey “exotic” ingredients that are not readily available in Singapore.  We successfully grew zucchini flowers for a chef who was ordering them from Italy. We also grew the hottest chilli in the world to the dismay of a few burning tongues. The food garden also provides ample greenery for a relaxed atmosphere and a point of interest for customers. Working around space constraints, we have built simple structures like green walls and “kampung-style” bamboo trellis.

Artichoke Cafe
Artichokes cafe 2

Artichokes Cafe1

Cajun Kings
Cajun kings





We enjoy turning sleepy residential gardens into thriving food producers. The families we work with usually want to be partially self-sufficient for their veggies and bring the freshest organic food to the table. It is also an opportunity for the young ones (and even old ones) to get their hands dirty and understand what food really is. We start with an assessment of the soil condition followed by improving fertility through digging-in compost (the fun part) and planting green manure. Other than veggies, fruit trees are also a possibility not forgetting that they add some height to the landscape. We have even gone against habit once and placed caterpillars on basil leaves on the demand of a young girl!

Backyard Food Forest, Bishanfood garden binchang

Raised Beds, Bishan

raised bed binchang

Rooftop Food Garden in Kembangankembangan